iyengar yoga retreat on amrum

Iyengar Yoga Retreat on Amrum Island with Christine Bader
Iyengar Yoga Retreat on Amrum Island with Christine Bader


Iyengar Yoga Retreat on Amrum Island 


with Christine Bader


July 3-13 - 2024



full yoga magicgorgeous nature


asana pranayama • meditation  



yoga practice

10 days of delight with creative and playful Iyengar Yoga, invigorating, energising and deeply restful, pranayama and meditation to explore the heart and mind - nestled within the beauty of endless sky and beach on Amrum island.

Active yoga practise in workshop style in the mornings will be well balanced with recharging restorative classes in the afternoons. Asanas, pranayama & meditation will be completed with anatomy and philosophy.


Our mindful yoga practice connects us to the divine nature within us and beyond. The magnificense of the island with pristine seemingly endless beaches, the nordic summer solstice light, the vastness of the ocean, the sounds of flocks of sea birds reflect the spaciousness within.


Bilingual tuition in German and English.



Shares Iyengar Yoga in a creative - yet intimate - atmosphere, allowing to rest in oneself and at the same time to be seen and assisted whenever appropriate. With her own more than 40 years of experience she provides the necessary understanding and guidance. With love and respect for the process she encourages to progressively deepen in practice and self enquiry.



daily rhythm
Mornings asanas, pranayama & meditation (sometimes walking meditation on the beach)
Afternoon we enjoy free time to relax.
Late afternoon restorative class (three times yoga free)



food / vegan/vegetarian bio board
3 delicious vegan/vegetarian bio meals per day - prepared by our well versed chef - nourish body and soul. Sattvic food - clear, nourishing and balanced - enhances our inner listening, the ability to discriminate between what is conducive and what is confusing in contact with our body, heart and mind.



plenty of free time
To relax into nature, explore the pristine dunes and sandy beaches, cycling and hiking, sauna and wellness, share the loving atmosphere of the community or just be with yourself, enjoy fantastic healthy food and hang out on the on-site private dunes of the charming retreat house.






amrum island
A power spot in the Northern Sea of Germany where the elements sand, water, light, wind and space are tangible.



1-2 years of regularly Iyengar Yoga practice

For all practitioners who love to dive deeper into yoga practise.



10 days retreat incl.

  • workshop style yoga classes
  • accommodation
  • vegan bio full board

from 1.680 € shared twin rooms

from 1.820 € single occupancy



If you have any questions and for applications please email Christine directly: info@thestudy.de,

or contact us.







* 10 days Haus Eckart


Shared Double (single beds) 300 - 400€

(+ tourist tax . 2,60/day)


* Single 450 - 500 €

(+ tourist tax . 2,60/day)


Room booking please directly with Haus Eckart

After the completing the booking of the retreat you will get a booking confirmation and the link to book your room.


Vegan/vegetarian full board


* 10 days full vegetarian/vegan bio board 400 €


* 8x breakfast

* 8x lunch

* 9x dinner

* 1x brunch (last day)



Iyengar Yoga & Admin.

(~ 47 hrs.)  980 €


* 8 x mornings

meditation, pranayama


* 9 x mornings invigorating asana practise


* 7 x afternoon/early evenings
pranayama, restorative practise, health class


*** if possible sometimes we will have classes outside in the garden or on the beach


*** 3 times yoga free in the afternoon /

1 morning without pranayama/meditation


*** Props included: yoga chairs, wooden props like backbenches, planks ..., )

Please bring your own yoga basics if possible.