Christine is practicing since more than 30 years. She is sharing from an inner delight, born by the experience of being grounded within. Her classes are rooted life`s daily reality, whilst holding the space to explore a tradition as ancient as the human culture itself. Cultivated awareness encourages every practitioner, just embarking or already more advanced on the path of yoga, to deepen the relationship of body, mind and heart. Christine´s workshops, retreats and trainings are attended by practitioners from many parts of the world. Being from Austria she lives in Hamburg, were she shares the love for every moment´s creativity - the driving source in life -  with her partner Jörg .


An invigorating, energising and relaxing workshop with Hatha Yoga in a dynamic and precise style characterized by the Iyengar Tradition, including Pranayama and Meditation. Philosphy and anatomy will be imparted by the practice.